Vishal Lamba: Composition Tips for Better Nature Photographs

Dr. Vishal Lamba is a scientist who grew up in India. Along with conducting research in the field of pharmacology and pharmacogenomics, he loves to get outside and photograph the beautiful landscapes of Gainesville, Florida. It has taken him years to develop his skills as a nature photographer. Here are five tips to help you take better nature photographs.

  1. Use visual elements to lead the viewer’s eye into the photo. Leading elements can be anything from lines to a progression of shapes. A powerful visual will use leading lines that stretch from the foreground to the background.
  2. Find a good foreground to add depth and punch to your image. A chaotic scene can be simplified when you provide a point of reference.
  3. Use repeating patterns to engage the eye. Visual repetition gets the viewer’s eyes moving, creating compositional energy and engaging interest.
  4. Use visual elements to emphasize your subject. Use framing to simplify and focus interest and light to focus the viewer.
  5. Find ways to create visual energy in your photo. You can use shapes or lines that point in opposite directions to convey a sense of energy.

Nature photography can be difficult to master. Dr. Vishal Lamba loves taking time away from his hectic research schedule to capture the beautiful world around him.


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