Vishal Lamba: Essential Study Tips for Ph.D. Students

As Dr. Vishal Lamba knows, earning a Ph.D. is not easy. Students pursuing a Ph.D. have their fair share of struggles ranging from finding motivation, to maintaining productivity, to coming up with scientifically sound ideas. If you’re just starting the process of pursuing your Ph.D., here are some essential study tips to help you succeed.

  1. Start writing as early as you can and make it a habit of writing frequently. Even if you don’t have a paper on the horizon it is important that you are documenting your progress. This includes what you did, how you did it, and the obstacles you encountered.
  2. Read lots of papers to get a clear overview of your field of research. To be successful it is important to know what research has already done so you can better understand where your own research fits in.
  3. Take time to read other materials, especially those that relate to time management, motivation, and creativity. These types of books will help you grow as a student and provide practical advice.
  4. Don’t cut corners. Cutting corners in your work can result in your reputation being damaged. Being sloppy in your research will come back to haunt you, so don’t cut corners, no matter the short-term benefit.

Earning your Ph.D. is a long process that will take years to complete. Follow these tips to help you make it through your program and find success. Dr. Vishal Lamba earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacogenomics from the University of Tennessee in Memphis.


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